Ubud has a lot of fascinating places for you to hit! There are so many until you confused where to go, aren’t you? Yeah, relax we’ve chosen for you, the iconic places in Ubud that you can explore for just one day. Let we beginning with historical places like Ubud Water Palace then move to some warm cafes.

–      Lotus Garden at Saraswati Temple

This place is knowns as the Ubud Water Palace and also for its lotus garden. The Saraswati Temple is one of the most popular landmarks of Ubud amongst the tourist. If you come to this temple, you can enjoy the calm atmosphere, the uniqueness of the architectural features and by evening you could also see the traditional dance performance held regularly here. Oh, and you are mandatory to wear the sash and sarong before entering the temple area.

–      Ubud Palace & Market

Ubud Palace and Ubud Market are one of the most “it” places in Ubud. Going to Ubud but do not stop by at these places means you’re not in Ubud. Ubud Palace is the Palace of the Ubud royal family. The Palace often hosted many cultural and international events such as the opening ceremonies of the annual Ubud Writers & Readers Festival. Having different vibes from the Ubud Palace, the market itself is one of the most popular markets and best shopping places in Ubud. You can find anything here, from clothes to hand-crafted goods.

–      The Sacred Monkey Forest

There are around 700 monkeys, more than hundreds of trees species and several ancient temples scattered around in 12.5 hectare of forest that lies in the middle of Ubud. The Sacred Monkey Forest is a very popular wildlife reserve in Bali. Here you’re not only seeing the monkeys in their real habitat, but you can also try feeding them and even have selfies with them. But you have to pay extra care to your things when you’re coming here. Try do not wear any jewellery or something that might be caught their eyes or else the monkeys may easily snatch it. So you have to be extra careful.

–      Tegalalang Rice Terraces

This place is famous for its beautiful scenes of rice paddies and its innovative irrigation system. The Tegalalang Rice Terraces offer a beautiful view spreads down before you and away to the far side of the alley. You could feel the cool and breezy air as it located on the high roadside. It’s a well-known spot for not only tourists but also the locals to have a little walk and take some photos. People can stop by here and enjoy the natural vibes and don’t worry there are also several cafés near.

–      Bali Pulina Coffee

A very recommended agrotourism attraction of coffee plantation of civet cat coffee or maybe you knows it as Luwak coffee in Ubud. Located near the Tegalalang Rice Terraces, in this place, you will experience things you haven’t before about the production of the Luwak Coffee and of course the taste of it, which is regarded as the most expensive coffee in the world. Here you can also enjoy the outdoor living spaces with a stunning view of the rice fields.

Have visited most of the listed place above? Well, we have more for you to explore in Ubud!