“Romantic? Nah, Bali is touristic,” some would argue. Well, wait until they do these:

Romantic Camping in Lake Tamblingan

It is rather difficult to find a place to spread a tent in Bali—let alone to find the romantic one. But after a few hours  journey from Denpasar to the north, you’ll find a place to build your tent and have a nice, romantic camping with your loved one.

On the side of Lake Tamblingan, Buleleng regency, there’s an obscure yet cozy camping ground which is more popular among the local scouts than among tourists. Since it is located in a valley in the mountainous northern part of Bali, you’ll need a jacket. It is quiet there. Not only because it is situated in the remote area, but also because this place is sacred by the locals. There’s a pura on the lake shore. When the water is high, you’d need to go to there by boat.

Romantic Picnic in Campuhan

Hidden behind the art galleries in Ubud is a hill called Campuhan. While the other hills in the surrounding is filled with greenery and hills, Campuhan is carpeted with green grass stretching to the horizon. There’s a small pathway in the middle where you can take a walk, jog, or ride your bike.

As the sun slanting down in the afternoon, the ray of light makes Campuhan more scenic, andit is the best time to spread your sheet there and enjoy a romantic picnic. Don’t forget to pick a wildflower and put in on the hair of your partner.

Romantic Garden of the Fireflies Tour

In Ubud, there’s a vacant ground which will transform into the garden of the fireflies in the evening. At a glance, it looks like Christmas tree decorated in the wrong season. The firefly tour will reset your “romantic meter.” What is more beautiful than thousands of fireflies wandering around a big tree and tall grass on the ground?

Since there are only several agents providing the tour to the garden of the fireflies, such as baliedutours.com, you need to book beforehand. Prepare your best camera as you will encounter one of the most interesting views in the world. Don’t bother preparing a “dinner box” since you’ll be taken to a restaurant before the tour.

Romantic Dinner in Jimbaran

You’ll definitely get old but candlelight dinner will never get old. So never hesitate to book a romantic candlelight dinner in the beachfront of Jimbaran Bay. But make sure that it is not during the wet season, since you’ll have dinner under the stars.

Located by the ocean, it is natural then that the best dishes there are the seafood. The foods themselves are delicious. Yet added with some romantic ingredients—the candles, the splash of ocean water, the starry night—it becomes even tastier.

Romantic Sunset in Kuta

There’s something peculiar about enjoying the sunset in Kuta: though there are many people enjoying the views, you won’t be annoyed. Yes, there are crowds wandering along the shoreline while the sun is about to set. But strangely it’s not noisy. It seems like the crowds are so busy drinking the ambiance of the legendary sunset of Kuta that they forget being “crowded.”

Grab a bottle of Bintang with one hand—and your loved one’s hand in another—and stroll to Kuta beach to say goodbye to the big old sun which has just successfully fulfilled its duty for the day. Surrounded by the romantic ambiance—the sunset, the silhouettes of surfers riding the wave—you can talk about everything with your partner, or simply enjoy the taciturn moment which concludes the day.

Romantic Sunrise in Amed

So, say Kuta’s sunset did not impress your loved one… Well, perhaps it is time for plan B: take her or him to see the sunrise. Take your loved one to Amed. This small village in Karangasem regency, the eastern part of Bali, has one of the most stunning sunrise—thanks to the strategic geographic situation.

The best spot to see the sunrise in Amed is in Jemeluk hill, from which you can gaze at the highest volcano in Bali, Mount Agung, as it is slowly shone by the golden sun ray in the morning. On the eastern horizon is Lombok Island, hiding behind the cloak of mist. As the sun goes up, you’ll see a lot of fishermen’s boats floating around the shoal.Isn’t it romantic?

Romantic Week in Menjangan

It is the best place for a pair of lovers seeking for a quiet, tranquil place to escape from the noisy civilization. Menjangan island is situated several miles north from the tip of the northwestern side of Bali. It looks close on the map, but in fact it isn’t.

Bring a lot of books there and read them under the sun. Tired of reading, you can arrange diving or snorkeling trips, only for you and your partner. You won’t encounter many travelers there. Most of the people visiting Menjangan island only stay for several hours before going back to the mainland on the very same day.

Well, feeling all giddy yet?