Jauk Manis Dance and Religious Rituals

Jauk Manis dance is one sample of Mask dance and a sacred Balinese dance for religious rituals and ceremonies. These mask dances are one of the many cultural performances that are passed down from generation to generation. Unlike other dances, where the dancers need to express emotion and character through motion and facial expressions, in a mask dance performance, the dancers must be able to show their expressions through gestures alone.

This dance depicts the king of giants who want to travel the world, a dynamic yet fun performance. Jauk Manis wear a white mask that has a lot of charisma.
This dance is full of improvisation and fun, The dancer would often come to the audience and ask to dance together with them.

Jauk Manis dance is not only performing in Hindu’s temples but also in the wedding party and every Balinese event.
Don’t miss it while in Bali!