The Art of Self Love

Allow yourself to feel home in a safety of your own embrace. Let go of your habitual self-judgment, sense of lack, resentment, and embarrassment.

Explore your inner and outer space. Open yourself to the experience of moving with pleasure, breathing with joy, being vulnerable and simultaneously invincible.

Play, experiment, and nourish your body and heart with mysterious tenderness of a touch of a stranger. Love and celebrate yourself. Unconditionally!

About Lola:

Lola is a movement artist, researcher, dedicated Yogi, holistic practitioner, happiness & self-love coach. Her work is mostly dedicated to Somatic Confidence, Self Love and Movement/Play Therapy.

Initially trained as a dancer and choreographer, she later extended her education in Dance/Movement Therapy, Yoga, Buddhist Studies, Positive Psychology, Art Therapy, and martial arts. Her training and work experience come from India, Japan, Vietnam, The Czech Republic, Spain, Indonesia, Germany and Greece.

Lola is the author of several books and creator of Atma-Prema Yoga — an interdisciplinary healing method, which she teaches internationally via online courses, workshops and retreats.
Lola currently resides in Bali, Indonesia.


Nov 16 2019


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