The tasty yet healthy smoothie bowls are irresistible, especially in a tropical island like Bali. So it seems only natural that the number of smoothie bowl shacks around the island keeps growing. Each of them offers their own unique recipes and values to share. However, among many smoothie bowl shacks in Bali, here are six recommended ones:

Nalu Bowls


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Which bowl of goodness would you pick? 🌞🍓🌴

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Nalu Bowls doesn’t only serve smoothie bowls but also spread a way of life called “raw foodism” which, briefly speaking, “focuses on consuming foods just as mother nature intended.”

“So, basically, what are you trying to say is they put unprocessed fruits to a bowl and sell it?” Well, in a way, yes. But it is way more complicated than that. What they mean by “raw food” is the kind of food which, compared to the regular ones, still retains much health benefits.

Nalu Bowls has four shacks in Bali, namely Nalu Bowls Dojo Bali, Nalu Bowls Shelter Cafe, Nalu Bowls Nook, and Nalu Bowls Bukit. It is easy to spot them. All you have to do is finding a white shack which looks as if it were wearing Bob Marley’s hair.

The Shady Shack


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The Bush Berry ~ blueberries, dragonfruit, banana, almond milk, coconut, bee pollen and muesli 💕🍌🥥 Via @foodymarie

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Once you step foot on the front door of The Shady Shack, you will enter a utopia where the unnecessary noises of modernity are filtered and the tropical breeze is, well, breezing.

Now, to complete your utopian puzzle, all you have to do is order one of the most refreshing smoothie bowls offered by The Shady Shack. The most interesting thing about The Shack’s smoothies is that the fruits are served in large pieces. Your stomach will be full even before the smoothies say hello to your mouth.

Find The Shady Shack’s shack on Jalan Tanah Barak No. 53, Canggu. But If you were too lazy to move your legs, you could order The Shack’s smoothies online.

Bali Bowls and Smoothies

For the founders, Bali Bowls and Smoothies is more than an enterprise. It is, although it may sound cliché, the conclusion of their unforgettable journey from Dubai to Bali in 2016 which, as you can guess, turned a life-changing experience.

The travel inspired them to develop a healthy bowl food concept, the kind of food designed, as they claim, “to nourish and nurture both body and soul.” Thus, a series of smoothie, vegan, and protein bowls a la Bali Bowls and Smoothies were born.

Bali Bowls and Smoothies has two smoothie shacks in Canggu, on Jalan Segara Perancak, Banjar Berawa Tibubene, and at Outpost on Jalan Raya Semat, Banjar Tegal Gundul.

Crate Cafe


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Days like these 💗💗 #regram @adventuresofblondie #cratebali #welovetocreate

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Crate Cafe is where you should go when you want to have a refreshing smoothie bowl while listening to good music. The ambience of Crate is so vibrant that it’s going to be hard for you to leave your comfy seat after spending a whole day there.

Started as a small business catering travellers demanding healthy food, now Crate Cafe has evolved into something big.  It has been featured by big media companies such as Condé Nast and CNBC.

Go to Jalan Canggu Padang Linjung No. 49 to taste the wonderful smoothie bowls of Crate Cafe. Do not go there after 5 pm because it is going to be closed already.

Cafe Organic


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Saturday morning hangover cure anyone? 💕😍

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The environmentally-conscious souls would love to have a bite to eat at this cafe. How so? Instead of using industrial goods, Cafe Organic limits itself to combine fresh and locally-farmed produce.

So Cafe Organic is more like a movement than a mere restaurant. Finishing a portion of smoothie bowls there would feel like joining an environmental cause. When the customers leaving the cafe, they “hope that their values resonate and remain with them.”

If you were interested in joining their cause, you could visit one of their three shacks in Bali (in Seminyak, Canggu, and Umalas).

Benih Cafe

When the heat of Kuta feels too unbearable, there is no better thing to do than heading out to Benih Cafe. After ordering your smoothie bowl—one of the best smoothies you’ll ever taste—you can relax at one of the comfort seats.

Besides their great smoothie bowls, what makes Benih Cafe interesting is the ambience. The waiters are so friendly that you might start to think they are your long lost friends from the first grade of elementary school.

Benih Cafe is situated on Jalan Benesari No. 77, Pertokoan Mekar Jaya, Kuta. Don’t forget to bring your favourite book because you may want to stay there for a really long time.

So where do you want to go first?