The Island of the Gods has never stopped fascinating and mesmerizing travelers. But this is something you truly can’t miss; the splendid sunrise from the eastern horizon. This is the best spots for sunrise in Bali. Besides that, there’s a lot of places like this spot all around the island.

Pinggan Village

The first is the most beautiful. Maybe for foreign tourists, this place is not familiar, but for locals, the sunrise t in this place is quite scenic. Yes, it’s Pinggan Village in Karangasem. Looking to east Bali where the sun is coming while fresh air from villages touch our body is really peaceful.

Batur Mountain Sunrise Tracking

Next, we are going to Batur Mountain Sunrise Tracking. You will be going to tracking for 2 hours to reach the sunset spot. A Little bit tough and tiring but we tell that it’s worth it. You can see the sunrise coming from Mountain Batur. Great to being in a mountain to see sunrise in Bali.

Sanur Beach

After that, of course, Sanur Beach should be on this list. This beach area has a beach called “Pantai Matahari Terbit” or “Sunrise Beach” by the locals. There’s a lot of activity on this beach like jogging, biking, swimming on the beach, or use a boat to go to Penida or Lembongan. You can choose what’s your choice to start the day! Besides that, there’s some popular food in here like Men Weti or Mak Beng. It seems like you can’t move on easily from Sanur. One of the best sunrise spots in Bali.

Lovina Beach

Finally, this is from North Bali, Lovina Beach Singaraja. Popular because you can watch dolphin in here for maybe 2 hours. And you must wake up at 5 AM in the morning before using a boat to the middle of the ocean. Probably it’s one of your best times because enjoying the sunrise while watching those magnificent dolphins is really fun.

Not sure where to find other amazing sunrise spots on the island? No worries, watch our latest video till the end and tell us below which spots you’d really want to visit!