Ida Bagus Oka Wirjana, or famously known as Ida Bagus Blangsinga, is a legendary Balinese dancer and a maestro of ‘Kebyar Duduk’ Dance.

He was born in the village of Blangsinga, on the 5th of February, 1929. He started dancing at a very young age of 10 and have performed in many countries around the world. He received many local and international recognitions.

Growing up, Ida Bagus lived around Bali. In 1939, he lived with his relative in Tabanan where he had his primary school and junior high school. Prior to moving with his relative in Tabanan, Ida Bagus had already started dancing the Baris dance with the teacher, Ida Bagus Kompiang. His love for the Kebyar Duduk dance started in Tabanan when he often watched Ketut Maryia dance. Since then, he became obsessed with the Kebyar Duduk dance. Although he grew up watching Ketut Maryia, he never had the chance to learn the basic dance moves straight from Ketut. However, through observing and studying the movements, Ida Bagus Blangsinga taught himself how to dance the Kebyar Duduk. Ketut Maryia was his main inspiration.

Throughout his life, Ida Bagus has received instructions from many famous artists and dancers, such as Anak Agung Gede from the Sukawati Palace and Cokorda Oka from the Singapadu palace.

Ida Bagus Blangsinga started performing in ceremonial and traditional celebrations where he soon got famous and started to be known with the name Inda Bagus Blangsinga. Besides religious and traditional ceremonies, Ida Bagus also performed and represented Indonesia in the national and international stage. To name some, cultural events and festivals in Pakistan, Europe, Japan, and often at the presidential palace for the first president, Sukarno.

Late in his career, Ida Bagus Blangsinga started to teach the art of Balinese dancing and continued the love of dancing until his last breath. Ida Bagus Blangsinga passed away on February 3, 2017, due to old age. He is a father of 16 children, grandfather of 34 grandchildren, and a great grandfather of 17 children. He is remembered as the icon of Bali dancing and a respected representation of the country.